Alpaca “Beans”

Alpaca manure is considered one of the best natural fertilizers for vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and house plants. Alpaca dung is lower in organic matter than manure from other farm animals, but it still has enough nutrients to improve soil condition and texture and to increase water-holding capacity. Alpaca “beans” do not have to be aged or cured to provide a fair amount of nitrogen and potassium along with average levels of phosphorus. Alpaca beans are naturally available in pellet form.

What’s one of the best attributes of using alpaca fertilizer? You can use it directly without worrying about any weed seeds—so there’s no worry about unknown sprouts as with some types of manure!

Beans from Shenanigans are not processed and likely contain bits of hay, biodegradable bedding material, small stones, dirt, and other field debris. Supplies are nearly always available for pickup. Pricing varies by quantity but can average $50 per pickup truck load. Owners will assist with access to supply; buyer must provide shovels, containers, and labor.