Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch often has space available for boarding alpacas. General amenities include inside private stalls (when available), community stalls, pasture land, scheduled feedings, and twice-daily attentive care. Boarding allows new owners time to set up their own farm and to learn about the day-to-day care of alpacas before taking them home. Boarders may spend as little or as much time at Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch alongside their animals as they would like and will always have the comfort of knowing that animals are receiving experienced care in a safe environment.

Pricing and General Information

$4.75 per day; $30.00 per week; $110.00 per month. Boarding fees include:

  • Blue Seal Llama-Alpaca Pellet feed, formulated according to Dr. Evans’s nutritional recommendations
  • fresh, locally sourced grass hay
  • free-roam pastures with access to shelter
  • twice-daily water supply
  • on-site resident attention

Additional services available at extra cost:

  • medications and injections
  • shearing, toenails and teeth trimming
  • neonatal care

Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch has on-call access to an experienced camelid veterinarian—a graduate of the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences—if emergency care is needed.

Terms of Service

  • Boarders authorize emergency veterinary care and agree to pay all necessary and reasonable veterinary charges for services rendered to alpacas while in the care of Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch; expenses for veterinary care will be passed on to owner at cost.
  • Boarding fees for cria begin at six months of age.
  • Health records, vaccination records, breeding records, and proof of BVD negative status must accompany the animal, along with current fecal testing (within 14 days of arrival) from an accredited laboratory with negative or clear results.
  • Multiple animal discounts may be applicable.
  • One month FREE boarding for alpacas purchased from our farm.
  • Payment is required the first of each month. Any additional expenses beyond boarding will be billed the following month, according to an itemized bill provided by Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch. One month total boarding fee is required in advance as a deposit.
  • Boarders represent either that the alpacas are insured with a “full mortality” insurance policy or that the Boarders are acting as their own self-insurer both as to mortality and also as to any injury or event causing a loss of value that may occur. Boarders further agree that their sole remedy, in any event causing a loss of value to either dam or any cria at their side, shall be to make claim against any insurance policy that they have acquired. If Boarders fail to acquire such insurance and hence act as their own self-insurer, they shall be deemed to have waived any claim against Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch and its owners both as to mortality and as to any injury or event causing a loss of value of alpacas that may occur.
  • Boarders are responsible for all costs of transporting their alpacas to and from Shenanigans Alpaca Ranch.